NIX Solutions: AI-Powered Innovations in Windows 11

A key feature of Microsoft’s Copilot Plus PC concept is the new artificial intelligence-based functionalities integrated directly into Windows 11. The AI platform on Windows 11 is powered by more than 40 AI models, accessible to application developers through a special runtime—Windows Copilot Runtime. Microsoft detailed this at the Build conference.

NIX Solutions

Windows Copilot Runtime and Developer Tools

The Windows Copilot Runtime includes a library of APIs that developers can use in their applications, as well as AI platforms and toolchains for new models on Windows devices. “The Windows Copilot library consists of ready-to-use AI APIs such as Studio Effects, Live Captions, Translations, OCR, Recall with User Activity, and Phi Silica, which will be available to developers in June,” explained Pavan Davuluri, head of Windows and Surface.

Developers will be able to integrate Studio Effects capabilities, including filters and blur, into applications. For example, Meta has added these features to the WhatsApp client—background blur and eye contact will appear in video calls. Additionally, developers can use the translation and Live Captions functions with minimal or no coding required.

Enhancing User Experience with Recall and AI Accelerators

NIX Solutions reminds that Microsoft previously announced the Recall feature, enabling Copilot Plus computers to save all user actions on the computer with the ability to search later. Developers will be able to connect their applications to this function, allowing users to continue working with the program from where they left off. Microsoft believes these features, which require AI accelerators from Arm processors as well as AMD and Intel chips, will launch a wave of AI applications in the next decade.

We’ll keep you updated on further developments as Microsoft continues to innovate and expand its AI capabilities in Windows 11.