NIX Solutions on .NET Core 3.1: Meet the New Version

Since March 3, 2020, Microsoft’s development platform .NET Core 3.0 will no longer be used due to the announcement of the next version.  

Obviously, the release of the .NET Core 3.1 can be considered the main December event in the .NET world. This is not just a new minor release, it is also the LTS (Long Term Support) version, which will have Microsoft‘s support for the next 3 years at least. It therefore follows that everyone who works on previous versions should upgrade to this version.

It is worth paying attention to the changes in Windows Forms for .NET Core, as parts of the code may not be compatible with the new version. This applies primarily to the DataGrid and MainMenu components.

In addition, ASP.NET Core 3.1, Entity Framework Core 3.1, and Visual Studio 2019.4 came out almost simultaneously.

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