NIXsolutions: Discord Refocuses on Gaming Community

The Discord platform is looking to once again become more gamer-centric. To do this, the developers will redesign the application, reworking group messages, voice chats, video calls, and much more.

In a message to users, Discord CEO Jason Citron said the company had come to the conclusion that it needed to narrow its focus from “community-oriented chat” to a service that “helps people deepen friendships around gaming and shared interests.” To do this, the developers will make a number of changes to the application over the course of the year. These changes aim to allow users to start communicating faster and increase the reliability of technology for transmitting voice traffic, video, and streaming content. The company also intends to expand Discord support to a wider range of devices, adds NIXsolutions.

Changes and Future Plans

On the path to returning to the gaming community, Discord is abandoning the further implementation of its 2020 plan. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world were in dire need of messaging and communication services. That’s when the company decided to make its platform more suitable for different users. Since then, a lot has changed, and the company has made large-scale staff reductions. Against this background, a decision was made to further develop Discord primarily for the gaming community.

As Discord continues to evolve, we’ll keep you updated on all the new developments and changes aimed at enhancing the gaming experience on the platform.