NIX Solutions’ .NET Development

The developers from NIX Solutions’ .Net Department can create for you various types of applications, ranging from ordinary desktop ones and websites to solutions for mobile platforms and computer games. To do that, they use technologies of the .Net platform in their work.

.Net is a cross-platform application runtime. In other words, this is what allows applications to run on Microsoft Windows. “Cross-platform” means that the created application will work on all processors and on all operating systems of the Windows family (with the exception of the earliest).

On the one hand, this technology allows to create applications with a rich user interface with minimal effort, and, on the other hand, to separate the user interface design from the code that drives it. The latter will allow non-programmers (designers, business analysts, customers) to create an interface that programmers breathe life into without changing anything externally.

Among the main features of the .NET Framework, it is worth focusing on the following:

  • Used by most well-known modern programs;
  • Ensures uninterrupted and correct operation of the OS;
  • It is the link between the OS and the programs installed on the PC.

Speaking about .Net, people often mean C# programming language, which was created especially for .Net Framework; these terms are interrelated. The C# language has been a leader among programming languages for more than ten years and currently a great bunch of applications are written on the C# language.

To meet all your demands, our experts use C# and many other programming languages, tools and technologies. The accumulated knowledge, experience and thirst for learning allow NIX Solutions’ developers to offer interesting solutions even in difficult conditions.