NIXSolutions: Adobe Introduces Text-Based 3D Design Tools

In the realm of 3D design, developers continuously explore generative AI’s potential. While some focus on creating entire 3D objects, Adobe pioneers a different approach. Leveraging its Firefly AI model, Adobe enhances existing processes within 3D modeling. With the unveiling of two new features in its Substance 3D suite, designers can now swiftly create assets from text descriptions.


Text to Texture:

This innovative feature harnesses text cues like “scaly skin” or “woven material” to generate photorealistic or stylized textures. By eliminating the need for manual texture search, designers can seamlessly apply textures directly to 3D models, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Generative Background:

Another groundbreaking tool, it enables designers to craft background images for 3D objects using text prompts. Despite utilizing 2D imaging technology, similar to Adobe’s prior Firefly-based tools, the outcome imbues a striking 3D appearance, adds NIXSolutions.

Both features, available in beta versions of Substance 3D Sampler 4.4 and Stager 3.0, mark a significant leap in 3D design innovation. Sebastien Deguy, Adobe’s head of 3D and metaverse, underscores that these features were trained on Adobe-owned resources, including proprietary reference materials.

In beta testing, these tools are accessible to all users at no cost. As Adobe continues to push boundaries in 3D design, we’ll keep you updated on further developments.