NIX Solutions: Apple and OpenAI to Announce Major Partnership at WWDC

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, will begin this year on June 10. As part of this event, the iPhone maker is expected to make several important announcements regarding new artificial intelligence-based features for its devices. According to online sources, Apple will officially announce a partnership with OpenAI, the developer of the popular AI bot ChatGPT.

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Apple and OpenAI Partnership

The report indicates that Apple intends to implement support for AI-based functions not only on user devices but also through cloud infrastructure. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple and OpenAI are “preparing an important announcement about their partnership at WWDC.” He also added that OpenAI is currently assessing the capacity of its available resources to ensure that the company can handle the influx of new customers that iPhone owners will provide.

Earlier, the media learned that the companies were in the final stages of negotiations to implement support for the ChatGPT AI bot on iOS 18. It seems that the negotiations were successful. It was also reported that Apple was in talks with Google about using the Gemini algorithm on the iPhone, but the companies did not reach an agreement.

AI Innovations for iOS 18

In addition to the integration of OpenAI technologies in iOS 18, it is expected that other AI functions will be announced. These include the ability to summarize messages in iMessage using a neural network, and a similar function for the Safari browser that will generate summary information about the web pages being viewed, notes NIX Solutions. We’ll keep you updated on these exciting developments as more information becomes available.