NIXSolutions: Google Introduced Veo AI for Realistic Videos Creation

About three months have passed since OpenAI introduced the Sora generative neural network, which can create realistic video from a text description. Now, Google has something to answer: as part of the Google I/O conference, the Veo neural network was announced. The algorithm can generate “high quality” Full HD videos over a minute long using a variety of visual and cinematic styles.

NIX Solutions

Advanced Natural Language Understanding

Google said in a press release that Veo’s algorithm has “advanced natural language understanding” that allows the AI model to understand cinematic terms such as “time lapse” or “aerial landscape photography.” Users can achieve the desired result using not only text prompts, but also “feed” images or videos to the AI, ultimately obtaining “consistent and coherent” videos in which the movements of people, animals, and objects look realistic throughout.

The general director of Google’s AI division DeepMind, Demis Hassabis, mentioned that users can adjust the generated videos using additional tips. Furthermore, Google is exploring the possibility of integrating additional features that will allow Veo to create storyboards and longer videos. We’ll keep you updated as more features are developed and tested.

Limited Access and Future Plans

Despite Veo’s announcement, regular users will have to wait a while before the algorithm becomes publicly available. At this stage, Google is inviting a limited number of content creators to test the preliminary version of the neural network. The company wants to experiment with Veo to determine how it can support and collaborate with content creators, giving creative people a voice in the development of Google’s AI technologies. Some Veo features will become available in the next few weeks to a limited number of VideoFX users who apply to participate in testing a preliminary version of the algorithm, notes NIXSolutions. Google also intends to add some Veo features to YouTube Shorts in the future.

As Google continues to refine and expand Veo’s capabilities, the potential for AI-generated video content will grow, offering exciting new possibilities for creators and audiences alike. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments and availability of Veo.