NIX Solutions: .NET MAUI 8 Preview 3

Microsoft has released the third preview of .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) version 8. Preview 3 comes with various improvements, including better performance, new features, and bug fixes.

NIX Solutions

Improved Performance

With Preview 3, developers can expect better performance from .NET MAUI apps. The release notes indicate that startup time has improved, and performance improvements have been made to animations and rendering.

New Features

Preview 3 also comes with several new features, including support for image editing and manipulation with the SkiaSharp graphics library. Developers can now add text, shapes, and other elements to images and adjust the color, size, and position of each element. Other new features include support for custom font loading and embedded fonts in Xamarin.Forms projects.

Bug Fixes

Preview 3 also includes several bug fixes, including a fix for a crash that occurred when using the Android emulator with an ARM64 image. Other fixes address issues related to animations, rendering, and layout.

Preview 3 of .NET MAUI version 8 is now available with improved performance, new features, and bug fixes, notes NIX Solutions. Developers who are interested in trying out .NET MAUI can download the preview from the .NET MAUI GitHub repository.