NIXSolutions: OpenAI Showed Short Films Created by Sora AI

OpenAI has published several short films created using the highly realistic AI video generator Sora. The model itself, which generates videos from static images and text descriptions, remains inaccessible to the public.

Empowering Creativity with Sora

The short films were created by creative industry professionals such as filmmakers, artists, advertising agency creatives, and musicians, who were given access to the model by OpenAI. While we have many improvements to be made to Sora, we already have a vision of how the model can help creatives turn ideas into reality,” the company said. OpenAI management, according to Bloomberg, has already held several meetings with Hollywood filmmakers and studio representatives, trying to increase interest in the use of Sora in regular big-budget film production. NIXSolutions will keep you updated on developments in this area.

Controversies and Concerns

Meanwhile, viewers have already criticized the creators of the independent horror film Late Night With The Devil, who used static images created by AI in its creation. There were calls to boycott the film because its creators resorted to using AI instead of traditionally hiring artists. Ed Newton-Rex, CEO of Fairly Trained, a nonprofit that has committed to certifying AI models trained fairly on licensed content, expressed doubt that Sora was trained on licensed content. OpenAI did not comment on this aspect of Sora’s development for a long time, but the company’s technical director, Mira Murati, subsequently assured that it was publicly available and licensed data, as well as video obtained under a licensing agreement with Shutterstock. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments regarding this controversy.