NIX Solutions: WhatsApp Extends Welcome Message Duration

WhatsApp does not stand still and is constantly improving in an attempt to overtake all its competitors. This time, its developers came up with a new feature – they increased the duration of the welcome voice message in the profile from 30 seconds to one minute.

NIX Solutions

Extended Durations for Messages

The new limit does not affect regular voice messages; they can still be much longer. However, the innovation has appeared in beta versions of WhatsApp on both Android and iOS. Alongside this, the length of stories and welcome video messages in the profile was also increased from 30 seconds to one minute, adds NIX Solutions.

Improved Communication for Users

According to the developers, these changes will allow WhatsApp users to communicate better with each other. At the very least, they will have the opportunity to create more comprehensive presentation videos where they can talk about what they do and how they can be useful to others. We’ll keep you updated on any further enhancements or features WhatsApp introduces.