NIXSolutions: Windows 11 Update Introduces Full-Screen Advertisements

In the latest Windows 11 update, Microsoft has expanded its advertising initiatives beyond the Start menu, now displaying full-screen advertisements for its own products to users.

User Experience:

After installing the April update on Windows 11 23H2 and rebooting, some users encountered the familiar “Complete PC setup” window, reminiscent of the initial OS setup process. This mandatory procedure requires users to click “Continue” or postpone setup for three days.


Advertisement Setup:

Choosing to proceed leads to a screen for configuring “recommendations,” effectively tailored advertising within the Start menu. Users can select their preferred categories of applications.

Browser Preferences:

The subsequent screen prompts users to designate their default browser. While Microsoft strongly suggests its Edge browser with Bing search, users retain the option to retain their current settings.

Subscription Offers:

Users are then presented with an offer to subscribe to Microsoft 365, starting with a free trial month followed by a $99.99 annual fee. Alternatively, a simpler subscription tier, Microsoft 365 Basic, is available for $1.99 per month, inclusive of Outlook, OneDrive, and 100 GB of cloud storage.

Integration with Mobile Devices:

A further screen encourages users to integrate their smartphones with Windows 11 by installing the Microsoft Phone Link app, enabling features like texting and accessing smartphone content.

Upon completing this series of prompts, users can proceed with their tasks. However, this marks another instance of Microsoft’s assertive approach towards user engagement, following previous initiatives such as pushing Windows 11 upgrades and advocating for online Microsoft accounts over local ones, notes NIXSolutions. Stay informed as we’ll keep you updated on further developments in Microsoft’s OS strategies.